NHDA – Last Mile Keynote

I delivered the keynote at the National Home Delivery Association’s  Annual Forum this week on the future of big box last mile delivery.

We discussed the emerging eCommerce trends driving home delivery demand and increasing consumer expectations, as well as the structural issues facing the current industry in unlocking breakthrough performance. One takeaway theme is that collaborative models to enable last mile co-mingling will be key to moving both retailers and providers to a new win-win position. We also explored possible actions that Retailers and Providers can take to accelerate co-mingling.

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One Comment

  1. Michael, I was highly engaged in reading your work on the future of big box home delivery. I sincerely appreciate the research you put in on this topic as it gets very little attention in business; however, can be very powerful for whoever executes this succesfully. I am a delivery professional who was previously with FedEx Express and am currently employed by a national retailer currently managing their appliance delivery program and also managed their non-mailable .com delivery business. My comment is yes, you are correct, the most efficient way to move forward in this segment of delivery would be commingling of merchandise. If a collective group of retailers would have the vision to partner on such an initiative it would truly be a paradigm shift for the industry. TBD if that occurs as the retailers don’t generally work together. What they do (unsuccessfully) is attempt to differntiate themselves with their proclaimed superior delivery experience. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is there is little or no difference among the big box retailers (use appliances as an example) as it pertains to delivery. Nor are they seriosuly willing to take on the challenge to differntiate themsleves, it’s just not that sexy and with what money? Most retailers offer free delivery for appliances so the pressure is constantly to reduce cost. In concusion, my comment and opinion is despite the obvious economic advantage to partnering for the most efficient delivery process, retailers can’t yet do it. However, the retailer who sincerely personalizes the big box delivery experience and differentiates themselves from all others will absolutely own this market. It will start with gaining market share on the products they are selling and delivering, which will eventually evolve into becoming the industry leader in the execution in big box delivery. This insightful retailer can either continually grow market share with their delivery prowess or grow revenue by nationaizing what they have become so good at executing on. Literally develop the FedEx of big box delivery simply by focusing on their own customers needs first. Best Buy (or whoever) could develop Best Delivery and own the market for this type of delivery service. Whoever figures this out first and executes will own the future of the non mailable.com world. I would enjoy further chatting with you on this if you would be interested.



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