I recently contributed to a series of five bylines along with my colleagues examining the strategic implications of A.I. on the enterprise – from strategy, to leadership to the future of the workplace.

1) Data Insights Are Driving the AI Landscape: As AI cloud services go mainstream, the seemingly infinite promise of artificial intelligence could soon be unleashed across firms of all sizes. Dazzled by this potential, many organizations have engaged in a flurry of internal studies and planning…  read here 

2) How and When to Apply AI – The Case for Smart Adoption: Forget the “Swiss Army Knife” approach to A.I. Smart adoption of artificial intelligence needs a laser focus …   read here 

3) AI: New Rules for Strategic Leadership: Would you be satisfied being the world’s least powerful CEO? That could become your reality if you fail to embrace AI’s power to transform business—not just processes and balance sheets, but also strategy and leadership …  read here

4) How Autonomous AI Will Rip Up the Rulebook: As organizations start to reap the benefits of so-called “narrow” artificial intelligence, an era of unknowns, in which a fully developed, autonomous version of the technology comes to surpass human intelligence, is coming ever closer …  read here 

5) AI and Its Impact on the Workforce: Artificial intelligence need not sound the death knell for the human workforce. As it gains traction, it may even bring humanity into a whole new era of potential … read here

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