Artificial Intelligence Coming of Age

AI Coming of Age

AI progress has been uneven in the past 5 decades, with spurts of breakthrough followed by “winter-like” stagnation. Barriers like technology cost, organization capability and ineffective policies held back AI from going mainstream.

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AI + Future of Production with World Economic Forum

Future of Production with World Economic Forum

I facilitated a cross-functional workshop last week with WEF and several tech startups (Noodle AI, Rage Framework – now Genpact, Enterra). We explored the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on global production and value chain. This is part of our on-going collaboration on the World Economic Forum Future of Production initiative.

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Brands are Becoming Retailers

Brands are Becoming Retailers

The traditional value chain boundaries separating manufacturers and retailers are starting to blur under a digital, omnichannel setting. Brands are becoming retailers and increasingly playing an active role  in the consumer Research – Shop – Buy cycle

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Product Outsourcing Success in CPG & Retail

With escalating pressures to continually provide innovative offerings and demonstrating sustainable, profitable growth, it’s no surprise that product outsourcing success is becoming a strategic topic in Consumer and Retail. For example,  Coca-Cola is transforming their traditional fountain machines for consumer engagementPeapod is taking the store front to where consumers are through mobile commerce technologies. And Rebecca Minkoff is changing the store experience with digital interactivity.

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The illusion of fast pace in the high tech industry

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