Digital Value Chain

Under Pressure, CPG Companies Look to Digital – BCG Article, Sept 2019

Supercharging Supply Chains with Platforms – BCG Article, June 2019

Why Supply Chain Must Pivot – MIT Sloan Management Review, June 2018 | (chinese version)

The State of Human Factory Analytics – Kearney + Drishti Article, 2018

How to Avoid Overspending in A.I. – CFO, April 2018

Technology & Innovation for Future of Production – World Economic Forum, April 2017

Unleashing the Power of AI for Enterprise Automation – Kearney Article, 2017 | (chinese version)

Will You Embrace AI Fast Enough? – Kearney Article, 2017

3D Printing: A Manufacturing Revolution – Kearney Article, 2015

Sharing Supply Chain Data in Digital Era – MIT Sloan Management Review, Sept 2015

eCommerce and Omnichannel

Creating an Omnichannel Supply Chain for Brands – European Business Review, Apr 2017

US eCommerce and Impact on Logistics – Kearney + CSCMP Article, 2016

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Omnichannel Revolution? – Supply Chain Mgmt. Rev, Oct 2015

Best Practices in Omnichannel Fulfillment – Ivey Business Journal, Apr 2014

Heavy Lifting Required: A Home Delivery Breakthrough – Kearney Article, 2013

Operations Improvement

Orchestrating Effective Platform Innovation in CPG and Retail – Supply Demand Chain Executive, Dec 2012.

Sourcing Success Under Time Pressure – Supply Chain Mgmt Rev, Nov 2010

Three Dimensions of Distribution Excellence – Kearney article, 2010 (Supply Chain Mgmt Rev article, Mar 2010)

Untangling Product Complexity in M&A – Kearney article, 2008 (Board of Directors 董事会 10, 2010)

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