Digital Supply Chain

Shaping the Future of Production | World Economic Forum – Technology Pioneer 2016

3D Printing: Opportunities, Risks and Path Forward | Fortune 50 Retailer Briefing


eCommerce & Omnichannel

Winning Supply Chain in Omnichannel | MichiganBabson College  2016 | Kellogg 2016 | Emory podcast

Trends Shaping Tomorrow’s Omnichannel Supply Chain | Mass Retailer Executive Workshop

Same Day Delivery – Strategic Bets and Path Forward | TPA/GMA Supply Chain Conference 2016 (with Google, Instacart, and Michael Kors)

Last Mile Big and Small | RILA 2015 Panel (with Michael Kors, Sears, JB Hunt)

The Future of Big Box Home Delivery | AHFA 2015 Keynote

Best Practices in Multichannel Fulfillment | National Retail Federation 2014 Keynote (with Walmart)



Orchestrating Production Innovation in CPG and Retail | Executive Presentation

Disruptive Value Chain Integration in CPG and Retail | National Retail Federation 2011 Talk (with Target)


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