Amplify Your Warehouse Automation ROI

The Automation Imperative Leading consumer-focused businesses are automating their warehouse networks, generating step changes in service and cost performance. Some companies have already unlocked 20% to 50% improvement in service levels while generating a 25% to 50% reduction in fulfillment costs—all while boosting their resilience amid today’s acute labor shortages. Despite these success stories, however, many… Continue reading Amplify Your Warehouse Automation ROI

Transforming the Supply Chain for the Post Pandemic Future

Transforming the Supply Chain for New Normal

My colleague Arnold Kogan and I presented at the FMI Fresh Foods Leadership Council meeting in Orlando last week. We discussed the emerging challenges plaguing the retail landscape and how leaders are transforming the supply chain for the post pandemic future. The New Norm Post COVID Supply chain performance suffered starting 2020 due to a… Continue reading Transforming the Supply Chain for the Post Pandemic Future