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Enterprise A.I.

Unleashing the Power of A.I. for Enterprise Automation | A.T. Kearney article, 2017 |  A.I. is making  inroads across the enterprise but progress remains uneven. We present a fact-based view on A.I. trends and strategic implications for work automation and augmentation.

Will You Embrace A.I. Fast Enough? | A.T. Kearney article, 2017 | From Alexa and Siri to factory robots and financial chatbots, A.I. is reshaping industries. But the biggest changes are still to come, giving companies time to create winning AI strategies.



Digital Supply Chain 

Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production | The World Economic Forum Whitepaper, 2017 | We assess the current state and emerging impact of five key emerging technologies on global production and value chains. { PPT deck }

Sharing Supply Chain Data in the Digital Era  |  MIT Sloan Management Review,  Fall Issue, 2015  |  Digital is transforming supply chain transparency, coordination and collaboration strategies.

The Rise of Supply Chain Platforms  |  CIO Review, Oct, 2015  | As supply  chain becomes more digital, they increasingly exhibit platform characteristics. What are supply chain platforms and how can firms get ahead of the curve? { PDF version }

Orchestrating Effective Platform Innovation in CPG and Retail |  Supply & Demand Chain Executive, 2012  |  Companies need to become skilled partnership orchestrators to develop non-traditional offerings in an increasingly digital world. { PDF version }



Omnichannel Supply Chain

Creating an Omnichannel Supply Chain for Branded Manufacturers | The European Business Review, March 2017 | Brands are driving significant Direct-to-Consumer and eCommerce demand , but fall short on supply chain side enablement.

US eCommerce Trends and Impact on Logistics | A.T. Kearney – CSCMP article, 2017 | We discuss key market and technology trends transforming the eCommerce logistics sector. { PDF version }

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the Omnichannel Revolution?  |  Supply Chain Management Review, 2015  |  We discuss six trends for designing and enabling differentiated omnichannel supply chain. { PPT deck }

Best Practices in Strategic Multichannel Fulfillment |  Ivey Business Journal, 2014  | Omnichannel fulfillment is more top  and bottom line critical than brick and mortar. We outline best practices from leading omnichannel retailers and brands. { PDF version | PPT deck }

Heavy Lifting Required: A Large-Format Home Delivery Breakthrough | A.T. Kearney whitepaper 2013 | Last mile home delivery of big-box appliances, furniture and electronics  fall short of today’s consumer expectations. A new industry model is needed. { PPT deck }



Computational Biology / Big Data

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