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Enterprise A.I.

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Digital Supply Chain 

Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production | The World Economic Forum Whitepaper, 2017 | We assess the current state and emerging impact of 5 key digital technologies on global production – and its implications on  firms, value chains and society { view executive brief }

Sharing Supply Chain Data in the Digital Era  |  MIT Sloan Management Review,  Fall Issue, 2015  |  Digital is transforming and enabling new supply chain strategies and solutions across data transparency, coordination and collaboration

The Rise of Supply Chain Platforms  |  CIO Review, Oct, 2015  | As supply  chain becomes more digital, they increasingly exhibit platform characteristics. What are supply chain platforms and how can firms get ahead of the platform curve?

3D Printing: A Manufacturing Revolution  |  A.T. Kearney Whitepaper, 2015 |  The question is not if but when companies will need to consider 3D printing.  We present emerging market growth dynamics, strategic implications and adoption considerations.  { view executive presentation }

Orchestrating Effective Platform Innovation in CPG and Retail |  Supply & Demand Chain Executive, 2012  |  Companies need to become skilled partnership orchestrators to develop non-traditional offerings in an increasingly digital world. { view executive presentation }


Omnichannel Supply Chain

Creating an Omnichannel Supply Chain for Branded Manufacturers | The European Business Review, March 2017 | Brands are driving significant Direct-to-Consumer and eCommerce demand , but fall short on supply chain side to deliver winning consumer promise. { view exec presentation }

US eCommerce Trends and Impact on Logistics | A.T. Kearney – CSCMP Whitepaper, 2017 | The U.S. spent $60B+ on eCommerce fulfillment and rapidly growing. We discuss the emerging trends in eCommerce that is reshaping the future of logistics.

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the Omnichannel Revolution?  |  Supply Chain Management Review, 2015  |  We discuss six key trends for designing and enabling omnichannel supply chain success. {view executive presentation }

Best Practices in Strategic Multichannel Fulfillment |  Ivey Business Journal, 2014  | Omnichannel fulfillment is more top  and bottom line critical than traditional brick and mortar. We present  guiding principles for retailers seeking to transform their omnichannel operations.  { view NRF presentation }

Heavy Lifting Required: A Large-Format Home Delivery Breakthrough | A.T. Kearney Whitepaper, 2013 | Last mile home delivery of big-box appliances, furniture and electronics  fall short of today’s consumer expectations. A new industry model is needed. { view NHDA presentation }


Computational Biology

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