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Digital Operations
Enterprise AI
– Omnichannel Supply Chain  

Digital Supply Chain

Why Supply Chain Must Pivot | MIT Sloan Management Review, July 2018 | Even today’s best supply chains still try to predict and optimize. The problem is, the world is not predictable.

Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production | The World Economic Forum whitepaper, 2017 | We assess the emerging impact of five key digital technologies on global supply chains. { PPT deck | Forbes ref }

Sharing Supply Chain Data in the Digital Era | MIT Sloan Management Review, Fall  2015 |  Digital is transforming supply chain transparency, coordination and collaboration.

The Rise of Supply Chain Platforms  | CIO Review, Oct, 2015  | What are supply chain platforms and how can firms get ahead of the curve? { PDF version }

Orchestrating Effective Platform Innovation in CPG and Retail Supply & Demand Chain Executive, 2012 | Companies need to become skilled orchestrators to develop non-traditional offerings. { PPT deck }


Enterprise AI

How to Fail at Integrating Artificial Intelligence | Financial Times Agenda, 2018 | The board’s change philosophy will determine if AI  transformation sinks or swims.

How to Avoid Overspending on Artificial Intelligence | CFO, 2018 | Executives can no longer ignore AI but how to balance opportunity capture vs. risks in over-investing?

AI and Path to Breakthrough Supply Chain Planning | Supply Chain Management Review, 2018 | Planning and forecasting are becoming increasingly complex and unmanageable. AI is key to breakthrough performance. { podcast }

Unleashing the Power of AI for Enterprise Automation | AT Kearney whitepaper, 2017 | We present 4 key facts that every exec should know on how A.I. will impact future of enterprise work augmentation. { Chinese translated version }

Will You Embrace AI Fast Enough? | AT Kearney whitepaper, 2017 | AI is reshaping industries. But the biggest changes are still to come. { Forbes reference }


Omnichannel Supply Chain

Creating an Omnichannel Supply Chain for Branded Manufacturers | European Business Review, March 2017 | Brands want more Direct-to-Consumer but fall short on supply chain enablement.

US eCommerce Trends and Impact on Logistics | AT Kearney – CSCMP article, 2017 | We discuss key market  trends shaping the eCommerce logistics sector.

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the Omnichannel Revolution?  | Supply Chain Management Review, 2015  |  We present six trends for designing and enabling  omnichannel supply chain. { PPT deck }

Best Practices in Strategic Multichannel Fulfillment | Ivey Business Journal, 2014  | Omnichannel fulfillment is both top and bottom line critical. We outline best practices from leading retailers and brands. { PPT deck }

Heavy Lifting Required: A Home Delivery Breakthrough | AT Kearney whitepaper 2013 | Last mile home delivery of big-box appliances and furniture fall short of consumer expectations. A new model is needed. { PPT deck }


Computational Biology  

Prior to b-school, I worked as a computational biologist where I designed big data and machine learning algorithms to enhance cancer research. See published works on Google Scholar 

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