Spain’s Colonial Wealth and Enterprise Building

During the 16th century, Spain transformed from a modest European kingdom to a global hegemony. Spain’s success was driven by monetizing innovations in trans-ocean navigation and firearms to appropriate vast quantities of minerals (silver, copper, gold) from American conquest. However, like any mismanaged enterprise, Spain’s disastrous deployment of its new found capital led to its inevitable decline. In short, Imperial Spain made three strategic enterprise building lessons:

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The Prince and Insights in M&A Success

The Prince and Insights in M&A Success

Business is often seen as war and statecraft. Take for example how we describe numerous management terms such as competitive positioning, stick vs. carrot, or war-gamming. If business is war then merger and acquisition, would be analogous to the capture and annexation of new principalities. In both scenarios, the acquirer must manage institutional complexity, cultural resistance and political machinations to  unlock economic value.

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