published works


Amplify Your Warehouse Automation ROI

BCG Article, 2023

Under Pressure, CPG Companies Look to Digital

BCG Article, 2019 ( web )

Supercharging Supply Chains with Platforms

CIO & Leader, 2019. ( pdf )

Why Supply Chain Must Pivot

MIT Sloan Management Review, June 2018 (Chinese version: 商业评论 11/12 issue, 2018)

Technology & Innovation for Future of Production

World Economic Forum article, April 2017

Sharing Supply Chain Data in Digital Era

MIT Sloan Management Review, Sept 2015

3D Printing: A Manufacturing Revolution

AT Kearney Article, 2015


How CPG Can Conquer the E-Commerce Supply Chain

BCG Article, Nov 2021

Creating an Omnichannel Supply Chain for Branded Manufacturers

European Business Review, Apr 2017 ( pdf )

US E-Commerce and Impact on Logistics

AT Kearney + Council for Supply Chain Mgmt. Professionals (CSCMP) Article, 2016.

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Omnichannel Revolution?

Supply Chain Management Review, Oct 2015.

Best Practices in Omnichannel Fulfillment

Ivey Business Journal, Apr 2014

Heavy Lifting Required: A Home Delivery Breakthrough

AT Kearney Article, 2013.


The State of Human Factory Analytics

AT Kearney + Drishti Article, 2018. ( web )

How to Avoid Overspending in A.I.

CFO magazine, April 2018

Unleashing the Power of AI for Enterprise Automation

AT Kearney Article, 2017 | ( Chinese version )


Orchestrating Effective Platform Innovation in CPG and Retail

Supply Demand Chain Executive, Dec 2012.

Sourcing Success Under Time Pressure

Supply Chain Management Review, Nov 2010.

Three Dimensions of Distribution Excellence

AT Kearney article, 2010 ( Supply Chain Management Review article, Mar 2010) ( web )

Untangling Product Complexity in M&A

AT Kearney article, 2008 (Chinese version: 董事会 10, 2010)

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