A.T. Kearney Digital Roundtable @ R/GA

Last week’s AT Kearney Digital Forum Roundtable was a great session.  I had an opportunity to discuss and hear all things Digital with the leading thinkers and practitioners in the space. Much food for thought. Here are some personal highlights from the venue:

– Interesting keynote from Andrew McAfee  in framing Digital’s impact on the Organization as the rise of the “Geek” over the traditional “HiPPO” model. You can catch some of the key concepts here.

– The Internet of Things is becoming a rapid reality! Be prepare to see SkySpec drones performing automated oil rig inspections, One Million Metric devices improving your workforce ergonomics, and Charfigi wirelessly charge your smart phones in public venues…. to name a few

– Despite much effort, companies still face broad challenges in leveraging technology to create truly frictionless, transparent collaboration models  to drive silo busting decision making and commitment. This is a key area of research and focus for A.T. Kearney. Check back soon for some emerging perspectives and case studies  that we are working on …

Hope to see you at the Roundtable next year!

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