Sense and Pivot Supply Chain @ MIT Media Lab

Demands on supply chains are ever increasing  as companies vie to deliver more personalized products, with faster lead time, at a lower cost. Further, unexpected execution conditions continually disrupt operational performance.  For these reasons and more (see our recent MIT Sloan Management Review article), companies must do more than digitize supply chains. They must also develop operational ability… Continue reading Sense and Pivot Supply Chain @ MIT Media Lab

Eight Misconceptions of Going Digital

Eight Misconceptions of Going Digital

Digital transformation?? Oh, not again! Everything seems to be a digital transformation today and there’s nothing left under the sun that hasn’t been written about such disruptive change. We felt the need to demystify digital transformation and separate the truths from the misconceptions based on our hands-on experience: (1) Start with the external customer Focusing… Continue reading Eight Misconceptions of Going Digital

The illusion of fast pace in the high tech industry

Many have characterized the high technology industry, in particular software, as one of rapid change where one must be ever vigilant and paranoid, constantly scanning the horizon for emerging threats from competitors and partners alike. However, this mental model of the high tech industry is too broad in its analysis. If we focused our attention… Continue reading The illusion of fast pace in the high tech industry