The rising requirements of big-city Gen Z consumers will define where the future is headed.

When it comes to big-city fashion shoppers, what really matters?

We recently surveyed more than 4,000 consumers in the United States and big cities globally for the answer.


The survey points to three key expectations that shape the modern omnichannel customer experience—and to the importance of last-mile strategies for retailers:

Why is last mile so important for fashion retailers? What we found …

Omnichannel. 68 percent of fashion consumers shop omnichannel, with variations between local markets (for example, 78 percent of New York City respondents shop across all channels, compared with just 33 percent of Moscow respondents)

Free and fast. More than 40 percent of consumers say free shipping is the most important factor when shopping for fashion products, and another 21 percent say delivery speed is the most important.

Same-day delivery. Big-city consumers are three times more likely to cite same-day delivery as a key factor than rural consumers; Gen Z consumers were five times more likely to identify it as important than older consumers.

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