CPG Supply Chains Look to Digital

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are feeling tremendous pressure in 2019 as the industry continues to undergo seismic changes. Increased demand volatility and shorter lead times from retailers have become major concerns, hurting service and inventory levels. Under Pressure, CPG supply chains look to digital.

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Supercharging Supply Chains with Platforms

Uber-like on-demand fulfillment platforms for supply chain and and logistics services are rapidly emerging. For companies feeling the pressure to meet rising customer expectations while keeping costs down, uberized supply chains could bring much-needed relief.

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What is the Case for Machine Vision in Supply Chain?

Machine Vision in Supply Chain

Computer vision is the lynchpin of the current AI/machine learning (ML) renaissance. In 2013, deep learning based vision solutions crossed a historic milestone of achieving human level accuracy.

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Resilient Supply Chain Must Sense and Pivot

Resilient Supply Chain Must Sense and Pivot

Even today’s most sophisticated supply chains still try to predict what will happen, then optimize performance against plan. The problem is, the world is not predictable.

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4 Facts Every Business Must Know About AI

4 Facts Every Business Leader Must Know About AI Automation

While AI and machine learning has made rapid progress in consumer facing applications such as Amazon Alexa, playing Go, and making art, enterprise AI and automation deployment is still emerging and uneven. We discuss key 4 facts that must about enterprise AI automation.

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