Bernstein Motor of eCommerce Conference

I gave a panel presentation at the Bernstein "Motor of eCommerce" Conference last week in London. We discussed two trends that will significantly impact on the eCommerce supply chain dynamics in the near term horizon Direct-to-Consumer: Brands across many categories are accelerating their pace of selling directly to consumer (DTC). In the past several years, Brands… Continue reading Bernstein Motor of eCommerce Conference

Guest lecture at Babson

I had a great time as a guest lecturer at Babson College this week where we discussed best practices and emerging trends in omnichannel supply chain. Very engaging class and lively discussion. Key topics included: - The importance of fulfillment as a source of strategic differentiation - The need for segmented customer promise to define a… Continue reading Guest lecture at Babson

Fulfillment: a Secret Weapon in Omnichannel

Fulfillment: a Secret Weapon in Omnichannel

Getting fulfillment right is much more mission-critical in a digital enabled, omnichannel setting compared to a traditional brick and mortar retail. (see figure below). Fulfillment represents significantly higher costs in omnichannel—up to 15-20 per cent of online-order revenue in the US market. This is about five times the proportion compared to traditional B&M channels. Fulfillment… Continue reading Fulfillment: a Secret Weapon in Omnichannel