US eCommerce and Impact on Logistics

Same Day Delivery at TPA/GMA 2016

In our recent article  “US E-Commerce Trends and Impact of Logistics”, we assess the current state of the last mile fulfillment market and key supply side drivers of eCommerce. The US eCommerce industry is expected to post 12-14% growth in 2017, from $375B to $420B. At this rate, eCommerce is conservatively expected to account for 14-16%… Continue reading US eCommerce and Impact on Logistics

Artificial Intelligence Coming of Age

AI Coming of Age

AI progress has been uneven in the past 5 decades, with spurts of breakthrough followed by “winter-like” stagnation. Barriers like technology cost, organization capability and ineffective policies held back AI from going mainstream. Yet, this trend shifted starting in 2005 with performance breakthroughs across numerous cognitive applications. Convergent advances across three enablers: computing power, training data,… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence Coming of Age

AI + Future of Production with WEF

Last week, I facilitated a cross-functional workshop with The World Economic Forum, and several tech startups (Noodle A.I., Rage Framework, Enterra) to investigate the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on global production and value chain.  WEF NY Workshop 1) The very definition of A.I. itself is vague - we had many different definitions of AI,… Continue reading AI + Future of Production with WEF

The Rise of A.I. Could Be the Fall of Uber

Machine Intelligence has made significant advances recently in areas of supervised learning such as image and speech recognition, question & answering and shopping recommendation. These so called  “weak A.I.”  apps are expected to transform how consumers search, socialize and shop. Consumers are increasingly likely to ditch the current type & swipe, folder based apps on devices to a… Continue reading The Rise of A.I. Could Be the Fall of Uber

A.T. Kearney Digital Roundtable @ R/GA

Last week's AT Kearney Digital Forum Roundtable was a great session.  I had an opportunity to discuss and hear all things Digital with the leading thinkers and practitioners in the space. Much food for thought. Here are some personal highlights from the venue: - Interesting keynote from Andrew McAfee  in framing Digital's impact on the Organization as the rise of… Continue reading A.T. Kearney Digital Roundtable @ R/GA

The illusion of fast pace in the high tech industry

Many have characterized the high technology industry, in particular software, as one of rapid change where one must be ever vigilant and paranoid, constantly scanning the horizon for emerging threats from competitors and partners alike. However, this mental model of the high tech industry is too broad in its analysis. If we focused our attention… Continue reading The illusion of fast pace in the high tech industry